My Minions Are Home!

We brought Silver, Storm, Waffle and Tiddles home, aka, the Minions.

(I may have taken a few photos!)

Taktur started off by chasing them – he could smell girls.  The Minions have been living with Lyra and Delia these past few months.

And then everyone else piled in to say hello.

Many introductions and re-introductions.

The biggest shock today was for Taktur.

The Minions were not scared of him.

They are all grown up now and told him so.  He gave up the chasing fairly quickly when he realised no one was backing down.

The little boys quickly made friends.

Efstur is also very happy.

Now there are lots of little Minions to play with.  Heaven for an Icelandic colt yearling.


Newt is also very smiley.  He has his relations.

Nuncle Storm is gonna get it!

Efstur’s new BFF is Waffle

Three little good boys.

Then Tiddles takes a bite.

Albie retaliates.

All’s fair.

I could watch my herd of boys all day and, after a rather gallopy start, Taktur has calmed down and everyone is the best of friends.  I love it when my little boys are home.

11 thoughts on “My Minions Are Home!

  1. Sam

    Such a motely crew of Minions, Midges and Big Dudes! Love how well Newt and Albie settled in with Tiddles. Tatkur will just have to suffer being away from his harem.

  2. Terri

    What a congenial herd you’ve put together! Feel a lil sorry for Taktur, Handsome Noble Prince that he is…but not too much. Love how you captured their renewed friendships/relationships!

  3. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    I love your blog soooo much Frances. Because I always save the best for last…. yours is one of the last blogs I read at night. It’s like such a wonderful way to end my night. I delight in your many pictures and the stories of all your beautiful horses…the big and the small. Love the other animals around your place too. I feel so blessed to have found your blog. Thanks for smiles every day.


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