Scunnered is a very good word. It describes exactly how I feel today.

What does the Scottish word Scunnered mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb. chiefly Scotland. : to be in a state of disgusted irritation.

And that is me today.

I am scunnered with all the paperwork I have to complete – apparently necessary for the sale of Mum’s house.  Our Solicitor sent it to me and so I spent yesterday attempting this mammoth feat, doing my level best. I then asked a small question, only to be sent to the whole lot again with a different heading with a request to re-complete!  So that would be 96 pages of questions. I know this, because I added them up.

And I feel totally scunnered.

And, worst of all the forms are completed using Acrobat which I am beginning to now loathe.

At the end of the first attempt, despite frequent searches, I finally found the box tick method.  I could’ve cried as I had to go back to all my pages and re-do them (and then of course re-do them again).  It is like the worst homework with no escape or getting out of.

So now I have soothing Einaudi playing while a “Calming” oil in my desk diffuser is wafting.   I am not feeling the love for any of this.  Similar to maths exams, official forms leave me in a muck-sweat at the best of times.

(some of my “sorting out”)

And I am also in a muddle as to which forms are which as I have so many ruddy copies on my desktop!


6 thoughts on “Scunnered

  1. Samss

    I like this new word. Probate and paperwork were created by evil people. Add in selling a house not local and I’d be drinking by 7am. Try saving and naming the new files with the date they arrived and ditching the old copies. But Monster looks content and lovely.

  2. Lucy MacArthur

    Oh Frances, poor you! That sounds horrendous – worse than it usually is to do these things.

    The photos of Monster etc are very calming and hopefully his presence is for you.

    Hang in there and hope the scunnered feeling can be dropped soon!

  3. Celeste

    I’m so sorry to hear this but I completely understand. Filling out forms, for any reason, in any version, when they are “important” or “legal” is such a pain. Hoping that the onerous task is over soon. And thank you for teaching me a new word, I shall use it as needed.

  4. Sue Bramwell

    I feel your pain. Had long-winded issues a few years ago.
    It will get sorted, might just take a while.

  5. Elva

    Monster obviously isn’t about to get scunnered by anyone! This has been a great week for Monster coverage, and I am glad of it!

  6. Linda Kirk

    How horrible. I find filling out any kind of official documentation stressful, and the less you have to deal with Solicitors the better. Thanks for the lovely photos of Monster.


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