Moved the Old Men (again)

Haakon needs the Spring grass.

He told me this and I agreed.

He has still not put on the weight since his battle with Taktur and I still feel awful.  My guilt can last a long time.

Iacs agrees too.  Note the spectacular Silly Frilly.

We have the farrier next week and Klængur will have a full set of shoes put on. I am hopeful we can then get back into work.  Klængur’s had a nice long rest. His back is sorted and his hoof is mended.  Onwards, please with no spooking or other silly shenanigans.

Meanwhile, in the next door field, father and son are living happily together.

The wild primroses are wonderful – at their very best this time of year.

And the marsh marigolds (orblugga” as it’s known in Shetland dialect) are just coming out. A Shetland spring in full swing now.

I left everyone to their job – eating.  They take it very seriously.  We have come through a hard winter and it has taken its toll.

But we have bluebells in the garden too!

3 thoughts on “Moved the Old Men (again)

  1. Sam

    Amazing how well you listen to needs for grass. And your flowers are lovely. But yes, this has been a looonnngg winter/spring.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    I has been a very long winter and the grass has been slow to get started in so many parts of the UK. Take comfort from knowing that the ponies are better to be a bit slim at this time of the year. I’m sure Haakon will pick up as soon as the grass takes off. Your primroses are lovely.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Your flowers are just gorgeous. Hope everybody gets well soon! You’re in charge and I know that you know what to do!


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