Scary Storm

I was woken early with a ker-thump.  BeAnne had arrived on the bed, a shivering wreck of misery.  She hates storms and it was revving up for a good one outside.  OH got up, the power went out and I let BeAnne go under the duvet where she shook and refused to settle.  I ended up holding her, while wrapping myself around her, spraying the bedclothes with calming lavender bedclothes spray and played my Disney songs (usually played for the Minion playtime) on my iPod for her to listen to.  She calmed down very quickly after that and went to sleep to the tune from Cinderella.

Meanwhile, the house shook.  The whole house, with walls 3 foot thick shook.  The roof creaked like an old wooden boat on the sea and all I could hear was the thundering howling wind and rain accompanied faintly to chirpy Disney tunes coming from under the duvet.

So as it got light, I got up and dressed.  When there was a lull, I made a dash for the shed to be greeted by four smiling faces, all dry, fluffy and happy.

I had been organised the night before and set aside the Minion food, where they couldn’t reach it, so I dished it up and they ate, while I mucked out.  Then, I put new hay down, kissed the noseys and left them all to it.

Still no electricity so I brushed the clingy BeAnne and made a nest on the sofa with her.

It has calmed down now.  The boys have been outside for a few hours this afternoon but I found them back in their shed when I went to check on them.  I have shut them back in there as tonight is not meant to be much fun either.  It is getting colder and snow is now forecast.

Thank the Gods for that shed (and the lavender bed spray).

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4 thoughts on “Scary Storm

  1. Karen

    Thought of you today in the stormy weather and felt sorry for the animals out in it. How are the Icelandics? It must be pretty miserable for the native wildlife, even if they are equipped for wild weather

  2. Karen

    Oh good. Hope BeAnne is feeling better. I suppose it will have brought back the bad memories of getting lost in a storm, poor thing.

  3. Linda

    Our dog was like that with lightening (and fireworks) – we had to give him doggie sedatives.
    Glad to hear the Minions (all 4 of them!) weren’t bothered by it; you didn’t need a stampede to add to everything…
    Batten down the hatches!


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