Riding Lessons

An afternoon of rain and wind so when Bjørn, our trainer, offered to give us all riding lessons on our respective Icelandic horses in the indoor school, we all jumped at the chance.

First up was Daisy on her Icelandic stallion, Taktur.

Taktur has just had his shoes put back on and returned to work after an extensive working holiday.  He was out with his mares all summer and then had a break from everything and everyone.

Obviously, there were spectators.

I bet the “experts” discussed what was going on.

So Daisy and Taktur worked hard and all was good.

Then it was Klængur and Flossie’s turn.

It was a fine lesson and one that helped both horse and rider.  Floss was a bit rusty and Klængur was unhelpful at the beginning.  By the end they were going beautifully, a good team.  Sometimes only a lesson can put everything right.

Lambie, again, gave his seal of approval for the pocket rockets.  I think he envied their speed.

And last up, it was my turn, riding Haakon and, after 20 minutes, we were probably the best we have ever been.

Who knew?

There was me about to give up and give Haakon his well-earned retirement.

But, I think there is life in the old boy yet.

Though, I really must learn how to ride with my mouth SHUT!  I may have swallowed a fly.

(A huge thank you to Bjørn Roar Larsen for our riding lessons.  You made everything right again. Big smiles all round.)

8 thoughts on “Riding Lessons

  1. Sam

    Some times we all need to go back to the basics. Other times we need a fresh eye to suss out our problems. Well done, Ladies! Do love that Winning Smile!

  2. Celeste Nossiter

    So glad to hear about a wonderful day! All of you look so good, and happy. Love that Lambie is part of your cheering team. all around a great post!

  3. Margaret Robinson

    Hooray for the two of you and everyone looked so good; including the audience! Lessons can be helpful in many ways. They’re not always inclusive of the riding bit.

  4. diane in northern wis

    OH what a wonderful story today….to see all of you riding your beautiful horses and doing so well. And I love the peanut gallery so much too. How nice that you all got a lesson and felt so good about it all. thank you for a wonderful blog! You all looked wonderful.


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