Out For the Afternoon

It was a beautiful morning spent putting the four horses we used yesterday evening back to their proper field to join their friends.

By taking the four away to spend a night in a different field (because we didn’t want to walk over the hill in the pitch dark once we had finished), we realised that the boys are a very tight-knit little herd who can barely function without each other.  Iacs was lost without Haakon and Efstur spent his entire night waiting for his BFF, Dreki, to come home.  Dreki had his feet trimmed so had a sleepover with the ridden boys.

Now the clocks have gone back, it gets darker much quicker.

The sun hangs low in the sky too, never reaching any great heights.

On our way to work we passed the hill ponies.  As they looked so pretty in the Autumn light, I skidded the car to a halt and reversed frantically back to take these photos.

Whereupon what-felt-like the only other car in the whole of Shetland arrived behind me so I had to move on.

We checked the girls and the Minions.  All well there.  They are happy enough and pleased to see our carrots and perhaps even us.

On with to our job at Turrifield.  Although there are less vegetables to pack now, the banter and the laughter remain the same.


This was our view from the shed where we work when we had finished, packed up and leaving to go home.

And the loch we drive past on our way home.  The light was magical.


8 thoughts on “Out For the Afternoon

  1. Dona

    Beautiful photos, Frances. So interesting to see the dark skies & the autumn pastures. Glad the horses are all back in their herd with their BFFs. Take care!

    1. Penny

      We’re a community supported agriculture veg box scheme Sam. Frances has been helping us pack for years now. Couldn’t do what we do without her. Daisy helps too and she’s a whiz at helping us harvest too.

  2. Bev

    I so enjoy my daily visits to Shetland…I rarely comment… but I read your blog every day. Beautiful part of the world you have there…. austere beauty!!


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