Ride, Ride, Ride

I called the boys up for their silage.  This is the last bale, I think – they are going off it rapidly in favour of the green grass.

Iacs is always last to arrive and miserable.  He has recently taken to standing by himself looking very dejected and I feel sorry for him.


He is not even interested in stuffing his face.  He is bored.


After yesterday’s ride of failure on Fakur, I have been thinking about riding Iacs but I had to firstly ride Taktur in a brisk walk for 20 minutes round the school as per his trainer’s instructions.


Afterwards, Taktur had his hard food in a bucket outside without the help of chickens and Loki (who I discovered head first in the bucket – hmmm).


So next was Iacs.  He was so surprised when I took him out of the field.  Pleased it was his turn.  Firstly, I gave him a huge brush and he lost about half his body weight in winter fur.  I even clipped his claggy ears which, if bad, can make him into a head-shaker.


Iacs worked hard in a good outline, with impulsion and some basic dressage moves.  I could also see he was on the brink of tölt.  Iacs was happy and enthusiastic in the school.  When I asked him to halt, he instantly offered turn on the forehand in case I wanted it (bless him).


This is Iacs’ happy face and his mood had lifted now.  Note the frilly has life and reason to live.


Next was Haakon’s turn.  We just stretched, bending and then tölted circles, figures of eight and round the school, trying to establish a good rhythm rather than outline.

L1080788 L1080793

I am exhausted now.  So that was one razor blade and two barrels!  My poor legs.

3 thoughts on “Ride, Ride, Ride

  1. Louise

    Frances, can I ask a question about the bridle you use on the Icelandic ponies? I was just wondering about the noseband it looks like a drop noseband but slightly different. Is there a specific reason for this or is it traditional tack for the ponies? Just curious..

    Glad to Iacs enjoying the attention, he’s lovely x

  2. Frances Post author

    It is just a headstall (no throatlash, no browband) and a simple drop noseband that is separate.


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