Lambie, Lambie, Lambie

Daisy and I worked all afternoon packing vegetables for Transition Turriefield.  Always a pleasure, never a chore with lots of chat and laughing.

Feeling guilty that I hadn’t taken any photos for the blog all day, I made Daisy drive home while I occasionally shouted “stop” so I could try to capture something.

This is Foula while the Autumn Shetland sun is setting.  Not a bad view for a drive home.

Once home, I “did the gate” so Daisy could drive the car in and unload our massive box of veg.  While I walked up our track to the crofthouse, I saw the sheeple were in their field with the gate open so, with camera ready, I shouted “Lambie, Lambie, Lambie” and waited.

My little boy (and his friends) all came running. Luckily Turriefield had given us a special bag of carrots labelled “Lambie”, so I distributed them fairly.

I love coming home to a sheeple welcome.  It makes everything good.

11 thoughts on “Lambie, Lambie, Lambie

  1. Celeste Nossiter

    Aw, that’s the best welcoming! Lambie so special and beautiful and very cool, I love it! On a day like today, when people interactions are hard, all I want to do is go home to my barnyard. We are so lucky to have our animals friends!

  2. Sam

    How could one not love this kind of greeting????? And the fact you came home with a bag marked “Lambie” says it all. Lucky you!

  3. Margaret Robinson

    OMG – I never expected to see a sheep run like that to someone calling. That’s absolutely marvelous and you must have been overjoyed (just as Lambie and his cohorts were)! A nice end to a good day.

  4. diane in northern wis

    These are the most adorable pictures of your Lambie! What a welcome for you when you got home! He always looks like he’s smiling too. Love that Lambie!!!


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