Rain, Rain and More Rain

It has been raining all day.  Haakon is already on Rug No 2.  This afternoon, both he and Iacs had taken themselves away from the herd to stand by the gate looking mournful, if hopeful.  I quickly got the message.

So I let them in to graze around the house plus opened the stable as well because I am nice like that.

They quickly polished off the hay in the stable and then came outside to eat the long grass around the house (which is usually the sheep’s prerogative).

Haakon seemed much happier, now he had what he wanted.

That would be my undivided attention and a supply of treats.

He may be old but he and Iacs still remember the routine.  Knock on the front door and see who answers.

There was a queue and I am a mug!

2 thoughts on “Rain, Rain and More Rain

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I thought of you when I was watching the weather forecast this morning – it doesn’t look as though you’re going to have much of a respite from rain, rain, rain for a good few days. Really feel for you – ponies are not much fun in this weather!

  2. Sam

    Isn’t good to know your horses adore you? And that they know the tricks to gaining your attention for comfort and treats? Love the front door visitors.


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