The Little Boys

I am busy doing feet at the minute.  Two or three ponies a day, depending on how my back stands up to the bending and rasping. The Painpod is a god-send.  It really is and I wack it up to full volume and can keep on top of the hooves at the moment.

(Not helping for a photo – thank you, Storm)

(Still not helping – aww, good boys, Albie and Newt)

And now, we’re three good little boys!

After rasping the hooves, I take what’s left of my farrier bag and use it to keep my bottom dry while I sit down in the field for a while.  I wait to see who wants to chat.

It is always a bit of a guessing game as to who comes up to talk.

Every day is different and I don’t make anyone if they don’t want.  That would be rude.  Newt took his time but ended in my face!

Albie, of course, wanted me to himself.

To be loved by a Minion is a truly wondrous gift.

7 thoughts on “The Little Boys

  1. Linda Loba

    Well, that sounds idyllic to me: sitting in a field waiting for a pony to come by for a chat… 🙂

    P.S. Love Albie’s green little face


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