Old Men

The old men drove me crazy with their constant begging and generally getting in the way. They followed me everywhere.  Where are you going?  Who are you feeding?  Are you feeding us?  Is there any more?

In my head, I thought it was nice to have the lads around the house.  How wrong could I be.  After two full wheelbarrows of poo (are they shitting for the Olympics?), I threw them into a small paddock that has a shed.

They instantly took up residence.

And even managed to argue about it . Haakon won, obviously as he is the older of the two.  They are cousins and close friends so arguments are kept to the minimum.

With a good fence around them, the boys make better neighbours than actual family.

The others mooched about on the periphery.

This I can live with.  Begging at my front door, I cannot.

There.  I’ve said it.  Shoot me now but shovelling up two wheelbarrows a day for two horses is killing me.


3 thoughts on “Old Men

  1. Sam

    These two old men know who loves them inspite of the huge poo piles. Do they think those are a token of their love? As for the begging, perhaps they saw Lambie gamboling about and thought they could also dance in the lounge?

  2. Margaret Robinson

    You found them much more suitable quarters and you’re not suffering either mentally or physically (that was hard work cleaning up after them). Relax and enjoy their being around, but not “right there”.


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