Pucker Up!

Daisy drove Flossie and I over to Sandness to see the Minions. I am not driving anymore.

While Floss went a-ragworting, Daisy, who had done her bit big-time yesterday, and I brushed the ponies to make them all beautiful.

We caught each pony, tied him/her up, removed our brushes and conditioner spray from a helpful friend’s mouth, sprayed the conditioner and brushed all the greasy tats out of their manes and tails.  It needed to be done.  They was greasy and revolting.

Then, as a reward for all our hard work, we all sat down and everyone came up to talk.

It was a perfect afternoon.

Little nibbly kissey ponies.

And one large nibbly kissey horse!

I did also did some hugging too.

There is possibly no better way to spend a beautiful Shetland summer’s afternoon.

Especially after working hard.

You’ve gotta love a Minion.

It is probably The Law.

If you are visiting Shetland, or even live here, and want to meet the Minions, please do get in touch.  I would love to introduce you to my little herd.  You would be most welcome.

15 thoughts on “Pucker Up!

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Whilst the photos of all the Minions with the girls are lovely, the first photo of you is superb! It’s great enough to be on the heading of your website, even with a bad sciatica!

  2. Sam

    Love these photos! Trying to get across the pond to meet you, perhaps next spring. It is heartening to see how much the Minions are loved and love back.

  3. Kerry

    Ah it is an absolute unbreakable Law with a capital L. We treasure the photos I took of Andrew being kissed and nibbled by the minions. One of the highlights of our holiday.
    Sorry you are not feeling so good at the moment but that is a wonderful photo of you with your treasures

  4. Louise

    I really really want to come and meet you and the Minion herd. I’ll be retiring next year (I hope) and then will have the ability to come if you still don’t mind visitors.

  5. Gemma

    I’ve been meaning to message you for ages. I’m a long time reader with two small children so I don’t often comment. I love your photos and adore Shetland. My family and I are spending a few weeks in Walls in the autumn and my two little boys would love to meet you and all of your lovely animal family! Would it be possible for us to bring a nearly 4 year old and a 1.5 year old over or are they too little? Look forward to hearing from you x

  6. May

    Thanks for the invite! I would love to get to Shetland some day and see the darlings (I can curry horses, if you wish).

    Meanwhile, I love the blog and hope you recover quickly.

  7. Judith Garbutt

    I love the black and white photographs – so atmospheric! I wish there was a magic wand to make you more comfortable.xx

  8. diane in northern wis

    So nice to see that pic of you Frances! You look beautiful and happy. Now if we could just get your darned back fixed!!! Love all the pics of everyone with the minions. Lovely pictures one and all.

  9. Nancy

    I hope to get out there someday and meet you and the Minions and everyone!
    Until then, your lovely pictures will have to do!
    I really hope your back gets better soon. I had problems with my back a few years ago and so I do know that it can be rough getting around.

  10. Louise Stopford

    What a way to spend a summer afternoon!!! Lovely photo’s of all your little people. What a kind offer you have made about visiting. Perhaps one day. It is generous of you to share your blog and invite us to peek into your Shetland way of life – it is SO enjoyable – thank you. Hope the back improves soon.

  11. Terri

    These b+w photos make me want to book a flight! The first one of you is how I think of you most often, happiest in your element — and those of Daisy and Flossie just beautiful too! What a wonderful life you and your family have in Shetland. I’m so sorry your activities are currently curtailed by your back pain. Here’s hoping for a solution to that!


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