Proper Riding Instruction

Flossie’s horse, Klængur, had lost a shoe so Daisy very kindly leant her little sister Iacs, her 22 year old Icelandic horse gelding, to ride.

However, there were spectators.

First, Floss and Iacs warmed up on a long rein.

Daisy thought she was the one giving the instruction.

Yer, right, but really, it was the woollies who were doing the training.

They took an interest.

Lambie watched every time Floss and Iacs went past – he was fascinated by this riding thing.

‘Ster made sure Daisy was doing it right.

The sheeples have probably seen more riding lessons than most.

And look how beautifully Iacs and Flossie went.

Someone must be telling them something.

These trainers want only perfection.

A textbook turn-on-the-forehand – Iacs’ pièce de résistance.

It was lovely to watch. Darling Iacs – he’s still got it.  A very special horse.

Iacs and Flossie did very well.

Rewards were handed out.

The Sheeples left with the knowledge of a job well done!

(Don’t tell Daisy – she thinks it was her!)

6 thoughts on “Proper Riding Instruction

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I wish you could persuade your daughters to take up dressage! They both sit beautifully and clearly have good ‘feel’ and the ponies go so well for them.

  2. Sam

    So that is the Sheeples job! Tolt Training. Well done, boys, well done. Just don’t tell the girls it was all you and not them.


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