Lovely Lyradale Ponies

Brá and I are negotiating an armed truce.  I have the carrots and, if she wants them, she has to have a headcollar taken on and off.  There is no discussion and I have been known to feed her carrot to Hetja, who is always willing to help.  Brá watches on in disgust and then gives in.

I will not back down.  It is too important.  Anyway, I think consistency is the key here and, hopefully, I am winning.

Meanwhile, the little ones are doing very well.

Vitamin is the boss.  Everyone knows this.

Fivla is her best friend and they are often together.

Lyra is not really interested in deposing her mother.  She likes spending her time with her Minion fan club.  Together, they are adventurous and often go on expeditions together round their huge field leaving the less brave (usually Vitamin) behind.

Waffle is a dude.

Silver can be aloof but will sometime come over, when no one else is looking, for a long hug and a chat. He hates a row.

These days, Tiddles is a very serious little chap.  He takes on the worries of the world and needs more of a sense of humour. Hopefully when he comes home, this will arrive in the form of two little needy friends – Newt and Albie.  They adore Tiddles.

Storm is, well, Storm.  There to irritate and annoy.

He plots and schemes to himself and takes either Tiddles with him for company or jumps on some poor unsuspecting friend.

The word “no” is not in his vocabulary.

Sometimes I feel really sorry for the others.

Putting all the boys together is going to be so much fun!

1 thought on “Lovely Lyradale Ponies

  1. Sam

    Hope you win the head collar battle with Bra. Sorry Tiddles is all a fret. Storm is growing into his true name, Storm in a Teapot!


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