Normal Dog Walk

Ted has been with me for six months now.  I brought him home at the end of November but was living with him since October.

It has not been simple, but Ted is at last behaving like a “normal” (for us) dog.

Ted came to us with an ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order) for biting the postman, which resulted in Mum having a visit from two armed policemen and getting a telling off!

Ted was also a dog that did not know what bones were for.  He spent every dog walk just running home which resulted in him only being allowed out on a lead, reaching the half way point of the walk and then being released to run as fast as he could home.

Ted would also spell out your name in pee if you left him alone for any length of time.  Revenge Pee – it is a heinous crime.

But, after months of routine and just general life, Ted is so much better.

No peeing, ever in the house, he eats bones, he steals Pepper’s toys, he plays games, he goes on proper dog walks and it is all lovely to see.

Pepper, on the other paw, is a ruddy nightmare.  She spends more time with our neighbours than she does with us.

She can escape over or through anything.

She has to wear a collar so we can “call” her home (it vibrates and sometimes she “listens” and returns).

She is very enthusiastic about everything!

And inquisitive. I forgot inquisitive.  Nothing and no one is safe.

But, best of all, Pepper and Ted are a happy little team. Yes there is the odd bicker but mostly they live together nicely.

I am very relieved life has worked out well for Ted.  It was in the balance for a while.

6 thoughts on “Normal Dog Walk

  1. Sam

    While it was clear Teddy and your Mum adored each other, these last few months showed Ted needed a dog buddy to run off the energy. And Pepper is clearly a head strong, smart pup who needs an older dog to take her edge off. It is a thing of beauty to see them romping out in the field. Well done!

  2. Judith Garbutt

    These ‘action’ shots are superb, Frances! I’m sure Pepper will settle down eventually and if she has any sense she’ll learn to appreciate ‘home’ more than the neighbours!

  3. Cathy

    At a quick glance, Ted does have quite a resemblance to BeAnne. Maybe it’s the hairy face and whiskers? I’m glad he’s settling … he must have found it difficult to establish boundaries with your Mum.
    We tend to forget how naughty puppies and “teenage” dogs can be! They do look a happy pair.

  4. Elva

    It makes me so happy to see how you have turned Ted’s life around. He is one lucky dog.
    You really need a Border Collie to keep your two in line and teach them to listen to you! I just know that Monster would totally approve of a well-mannered Border Collie, as who wouldn’t?


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