Preparing to meet the Minions!

So that’s the leaflets (beautifully designed by a good dear friend ** sniff **) sent off to the printers. I’ve finally done it.  Once back, they will be distributed in all good tourist information outlets, and anywhere else that will have them.

We have a few bookings already, so once I know when we “go live” so to speak, I will get the public liability insurance paid, the chaps moved into their summer meet-n-greet field and we will be good to go.

Meanwhile we are practising being nice!

Lots of effort is being made (‘scuse the double chins – mine not Newt’s).

We are all trying out our best smiles.

Our sincere faces.

There is only One Rule.  For obvious reasons, totally and absolutely NO FOOD in any shape or form or calorie is allowed in the field.  I shall probably frisk people before they go into the field.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the Tourist Season.

As long as everyone is well-behaved, that is all I ask.

Here is a quick art-esque fart-esque photo of Fivla looking ye-olde-worlde-Shetland-ponye thinking her ancient thoughts, whatever they may be.  Probably, here we go again!

9 thoughts on “Preparing to meet the Minions!

  1. Kerry Larbalestier

    We’re cheerleading for Team Frances and her Minions. Love ALL the cute faces
    What a great addition to the Shetland scene

  2. Carol Espinosa

    Oh hooray! What a gift to tourists. I hope you get lots of lovely visitors and no one difficult. I shall let my friends who are coming to Wool Week know so they can plan their time. Can you include The Minions in one of Wool Week tours? I think they’re still working on the schedule.

  3. Deb

    We have signa around the farm with cute and irresistible pictures (which happens to be you forte) saying Please don’t feed the ponies. When people ask why or say “but that’s the best part ! we just tell them that the ponies are on a special diets. No problem (with pleasant folks anyway)

  4. Amy Norris

    Oooh! I’m so excited. We are coming at the end of September — the week before and then the first half of SWW. I hope that we’ll be able to come visit. With donations, of course…but not food. That said — if there are treats we can bring you from the USA, please let me know.


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