In the Sheds

What is it with sheep and sheds?

If the Boyzenberries see a shed door open, they are in.

Some like to just eat the hay put out for Haakon and his companion for the day.

Others like to wear their food (*** sigh *** Lambie, always Lambie *** sigh ***)

Meanwhile, a certain Her Maj just sits in judgement on the whole scenario.

Lambie is finally over his fear of my shed.  He likes to come in and wanders about investigating everything.

Ever since the others arrived, he appreciates the special time he has on his own with me.  ‘Ster tends to barge everyone out of the way and ‘Bert can be annoying.

It is not all roses, however.  We did have words about eating the tassles on my tablecloth. Lambie was hypnotised and obssessed with them.

This is the cross told-off face. He left shortly after that or was he asked to leave?

In the post today a lovely pair of new Grub’s wellies arrived.  Fed up of squishing around in the mud actually inside my wellies, I ordered a pair half price in a sale I found.  Having waited a week for the boots to appear, I phoned up the company (The Internet Gardener) possibly in a rage to find that I never actually ordered them, just imagined it.  I then discovered the sale pair had also gone.  Luckily The Internet Gardener kindly offered me a huge discount and so today my feet smiled for the first time in ages.  Goodbye chilblains and trench foot, hello happy feet and thank you The Internet Gardener.

4 thoughts on “In the Sheds

  1. Sam

    A shed can be a magical place. As for Lambie’s love of wearing his food – I think it is because he knows you will notice it. And he loves Muzzah. Any Muzzah attention is good attention, no matter why.
    Love the new boots!

  2. SusanF

    It is rather frustrating to be eagerly awaiting your package then discover you never did actually purchase anything. I have done this. I understand.

  3. Linda Loba

    Perhaps sheds just feel cozy to to the sheepples? Love that BeAnn is keeping an eye on things.
    And that look on Lambie’s face after receiving “words about eating the tassels” says it all!


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