Pregnancy Glow

A rather raucous Eurovision party last night left Daisy and I feeling a bit lack-lustre today.  So we took the boys (Iacs and Haakon) out for a ride to blow away the cobwebs and and any residual hangover. The boys both took total advantage of us and bogged off like teenagers at 100mph up the hill, over the hill and onto the next hill.

So this afternoon we decided on a more sedate pastime and drove over to see the mares at Sandness.

Hetja looked much more pregnant than last time.


She positively glowed and I have never seen her look more beautiful.

BN2A1478 BN2A1499

There was something magical in her eyes and look that I can’t put my finger on but tried to capture in these pictures.  She has changed hugely in so many ways.


Obviously Hetja was very pleased to see us and I secretly fed her carrots while I told her that we would try and give her a “spa-day” very soon, ie brush her mane and tail with coconut oil and generally make her feel very special.


Because she is worth it!


Esja was in a bit of a sulk and stropped around pretending that she could be exotic and mysterious too.


If she is co-operative, we will give her a good brush too, including her revolting tatty ears, if she will let us near them.


September, when she starts her training, should be very interesting.


I am still not sure when this foal will appear – June or July?  Any thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Glow

  1. Terri

    Sorry, I have no clue as to when baby “Tak-ja” will arrive, but I was wondering: will Hetja foal out in the field at Sandness, or will you bring her closer to home around birthing time?

  2. Linda K

    I can’t wait for the foal to arrive. Poor Esja, I hope she won’t mind being separated from her surrogate Mum too much when the time comes..


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