Post-Op Visiting

After riding this morning, I popped over to Sandness to visit The Minions and see how they were getting on as it is Day 1 post-op.  They were feeling understandably a bit sore.


The first thing that struck me (not literally!) was the sense of peace and calm in their field.


It was wonderful.  I sat down and enjoyed the newly acquired serenity.


Everyone was pleased to see me. I had forgotten to bring carrots but they individually came up to talk.  Waffle wanted lots of hugs, while Storm asked for his bottom to be scratched.  Silver sniffed my hands and let me stroke his velvet nosey.

BN2A1950 BN2A1954

You could see that they were walking very carefully and struggled a little to go up the hills in their field.


It won’t do the Minions any harm to slow down for a few days just let their wounds heal up.  We are lucky in Shetland because, as the wind almost constantly blows, the healing will not attract flies.


Poor little Storm has a sunburned nosey too just to add insult to injury.


Anyway, the ordeal is over and I am very  glad the Minions are still talking to me.  They can come home when they are a bit brighter.  Everyone misses them.  I keep looking out of the window to see where they are in the field.


(I don’t think the Icelandic horses miss them at all!)

6 thoughts on “Post-Op Visiting

  1. Holly Nelson

    N’awww! I remember when I got my old shetland castrated, I had to hold his leg up whilst it was done, which was traumatic! The vet was so brutal! Although I know he was just doing his job. Then, when Arthur came round, he came up to me all groggy and put his head on me. It was the first time he acknowledged me (when he was a colt all he cared about was the thoroughbred mares – like he had a chance with them) and I felt guilty I had put him through it, but I was the one he was seeking solace in! Obviously it was awesome though, he was so much better after that!

  2. Joanie

    You can really see their sweet faces now. And I agree they look so grown up. Hard to imagine these majestic animals are really under 3 feet tall!!!


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