(Note: Gory) Castration

The Minions had no idea what was in store for them when they came up to us this morning.


We put them in the pre-op stable and waited for the vet to arrive.


The first contestant was Silver.  He was given pre-med sedation.


The sterile instruments were all out and ready.


Silver was put under general anaesthetic.


Both testicles were easily located and removed.


While Silver was asleep, Jo went in with the clippers to remove his matted fur (the cloth is over his eyes to keep the light out and to protect them).


Once Silver came round, we led him into the post-op stable to recover.


Next up was Storm.


The same procedure again.  Jim, the vet commented that he could see fat around the tubes, so that was encouraging on the weight-front.


Next Jo and her clippers.  Storm was not so badly matted but these were the stubborn tats that would not be pulled off.


And then Storm was into post-op to get his land-legs back.


Last up was Waffle.  He had been sedated earlier and was very woozy.


His anti-social parts were taken away.


During the operation, he started to wriggle, so Daisy kept him safe and quiet.


Jo nipped in, while there was still time with her clippers.


Once up on his legs, Waffle was put into the post-op stable to join the other two.


The Minions will go back into their field in a few hours.  They all pee’ed and seemed to perk up by the minute.


We will go over and see them tomorrow with carrots and hugs.  I was proud of them all – they did very well.  Jim commented on how easy it was as they were all very well behaved (so proud!)  He said they looked good, well-rounded and healthy.

So that is one job done.  I must say I am very relieved.

6 thoughts on “(Note: Gory) Castration

  1. Trish

    Crumbs…………Phew…………oooer missus and gulp! Glad it went well and the boys are doing fine.
    Right, off to make the tea now.

  2. robin

    What big boys now! And they got big boy haircuts and everything. You must be very proud of the Minions…

  3. Mairead

    Their behaviour is a credit to your love and care for them. Glad that everything went well and they are the road to recovery.

  4. Laura Friedlander

    Thank you so much for posting this. I have saved the link, and from now on, every time my OH crosses me for any reason, I will send it to him.


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