Piles of Silage

While the boys were coming to the end of eating their silage, I went out this morning with my camera.

It was lovely to see mostly everyone sharing so nicely.

Big and little (or should that be little and big).

If Newt could get himself into the box, he probably would!

I did notice that Albie was not getting a look in.

I felt sorry for little Albie.  Sometimes he is not as pushy as the others and Kappi (the orange backside) is always very keen on his food so probably wouldn’t let him in anyway.

So I got Albie his own little pile of silage.

Haakon and Iacs always share – they are cousins and look very alike.

The only way to tell them apart is that Iacs has a silly-frilly and Haakon has better highlights.

So lots of happy munching was going on – it is a very comforting and peaceful sound.

I am also a little worried about Newt so have started feeding him extra hard feed.  Not a huge amount but enough to hopefully get a little more weight on him.

Being Newt, he didn’t say no and politely dived into his bucket.

Hjalti would give his right leg for his own individual bucket of food but that is not going to happen.  Everyone is different and everyone has different needs.  It is just up to me to try and work out each horse’s requirements for their optimum health and weight.

Another gale on the horizon.  Tomorrow this herd will all be fed twice to stoke up their own personal “central heating” systems.

5 thoughts on “Piles of Silage

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I still get a shock when I see Newt next to the big boys – he’s so tiny! And Albie remains a firm favourite. It’s lovely that you care for them all individually, adjusting their feeds to meet their needs. It can’t be easy when they will all try to convince you that they need extra!

  2. Sam

    I do feel sorry at times like this for Albie and Newt. More so, Albie. He is a nice boy who doesn’t shove his way into things even if he needs to. And Newt – well his larger than life attitude is delightful. Good job, taking the time to suss out everyone’s personal needs to thrive and be happy.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Love all your pictures Frances. And I love your commentary on your horses and what they need. You seem to have such a sense for what each one needs. I love your blog. I have certainly learned a lot from reading it. Hope you all can withstand another gale. Yikes they seem to come so often where you are. Take good care…..all of you.


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