Just Pictures

Once Upon a Time…….

I was a photographer of Shetland ponies.

In my bunny-faced optimism, I decided I wanted to promote the breed.

To show Shetland Ponies in their original Shetland environment.

To capture their spirit and personality.

(I found these pictures when I was looking for something else in my archives and I thought I would share)

These days, things are different.

I don’t see the same things anymore in my Shetland ponies.

It is just not the same.

I have moved on.

Also some of my ideas were copied and I don’t want to jump on my own band wagon, if you understand what I mean.

So, here you are.

A pile of photos I took nearly ten years ago that I barely recognise anymore.

Most odd.

I don’t see myself in any of them at all.

(but I still see BeAnne!)

Life always moves on.



I was also told that “anyone can do this because everyone has a camera.”

29 thoughts on “Just Pictures

  1. Sandra coffman

    Wonderful pictures.
    No not everyone with a camera can take great pictures. It takes someone with the “eye” to see what is there first.

  2. Rhonda Lane

    First, thank you for sharing those lovely photos, even if your artistry and interests have changed since those particular moments in time. How could they not? Life changes us.

    As someone working on a longterm project, more than a decade in the works, I understand how we move on as creatives and interpreters of worlds we love. That view starts out as one thing and shifts into something else. We see what we see through the filters of who we are at the time.

    Good wishes to you and your family on what has to have been a difficult week.

  3. annie vanderven

    dont give up on the photos they are beautiful and they are your own interpretation

    sorry to hear about delia

  4. Judith Garbutt

    They are absolutely beautiful photographs, Frances. I have a camera but my pictures don’t come out anything like yours!

  5. Linda

    No, I disagree that anyone can do this. These have such “atmosphere” to me, they’re just beautiful…but after following your blog in the last few years, I certainly see a difference, and realize the warmth in your “family” photos.
    At least for me, it’s been a chance to be familiar with your ponies, learn about their personalities, background, habits, etc. and that’s been such a gift.
    Both kinds of photos are beautiful, but different…

  6. Terri

    I see you in these beautiful and unique photos, even if you do not. You are in a very dark place right now, understandably. Please do not despair. Your photos and writing have touched my life, and I’m certain the lives of others too. But change is inevitable. Do what your heart wants and needs . xx

  7. Anne Barron

    Your photos are wonderful Frances, and you have the same magic in your words. Not everybody can do it – firstly you are up close and personal with these ponies every day and catch them in all weathers, all moods and write about them with such understanding – and fun.

  8. Cathy

    No, not just pictures. Taken with love and showing how much you care for all these wonderful animals. You are bound to be looking back rather than forward after a tough week. You have done the brave thing for Delia, now look forward to the Spring and time spent with ponies, sheep and dogs. (And the rest of your family of course!)

  9. Sam

    And anyone with a hammer can build a house. NO! It takes time, skill and a very good eye to capture such lovely souls of horses. These are hauntingly beautiful. They dive deep into what the essence is of a Shetland Pony. For those of us not fortunate to live with such animals, your portraits allow us to pretend we are in Shetland. And that my dear, is a wonderful, elusive gift. Thank you.

  10. Carol E

    You are an absolutely stunning photographer. I think your photos now are more personal whereas you had previously been photographing the breed. As I rambled around the islands last fall, I was surprised and a bit shocked that the available postcards, etc. of Shetlands are so blah. Some of them have tried to copy your ideas but don’t have the skills or the immediacy. Rather lifeless. You have an incredible way of capturing the depth and beautiful range color of black mane and fur, really very high art quality. I think it’s a bit surprising that those editors or agents who scan blogs looking for stories that can be bookified, haven’t seen the incredible art photography book of Shetlands that has passed across your blog. It’s an awful lot of work to do a book but you have the material. While the SIC’s Promote Shetland focus has shifted more towards developing residency instead of tourism, it still seems that the Shetlands are experiencing more tourism and a fabulous book on the ponies would be a good seller (*must drop a note to the Shetland Times…)

    Thank you for sharing some of your older masterpieces.

  11. May

    Frances, you’ve succeeded in showcasing Shetland ponies, the breathtaking Shetland islands, and the kindness of the people of Shetland.

    As for people copying, well “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” (if annoying at times). However much someone else tries, they cannot copy your artist’s eye. You don’t take snaps, you compose art with your camera. I agree with Carol E, a book would be wonderful.

  12. Nancy

    Beautiful, beautiful photos!!!
    Thank you for sharing them with us!
    I love the one with BeAnne and the foalio!
    The black and white ones are especially moving to me.

    I cannot believe someone said that to you!! =O
    I cannot believe the stupid things that come out of human mouthes sometimes…my own included…sigh.
    I’m just glad that you have a place to share your wonderful photos, and with people who appreciate them!! =D

  13. Sarah

    Loosing favourites does make such a difference to how you see others. Loosing my fav girls, treacle, liquorice, bonbon and humbug (guinea pigs) has made me less fond of my current ones, but I can’t not have little furries in my life.
    I now have Hovis, a boar I’ve just had neutered, and he has re-awakened my love of guinea pigs.
    I call it a glitch, or change of plans/direction. Nothing wrong with that.

  14. diane in northern wis

    Wow….thank you for sharing such incredible pictures. You put a certain magic in the pictures you take. Maybe partly because you love the animals so much and that comes through in the unique and beautiful pictures. Your pictures are amazing. Don’t ever doubt it.

  15. Rebecca Final

    These pictures are simply stunning. I adore all the hair and it probably wouldn’t look the same without the windswept pastures of Shetland. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Judi

    “To show Shetland Ponies in their original Shetland environment”. For that alone we owe you a debt of gratitude Frances. I recognise all of these, and can recall many others of Indi Ping Pong and Co from those days. Beautiful fine art images, that set a bar for the subject – any “bandwagon” as you put it so well cannot touch the original spirit of your photography. Just as the lives of the Boysenberries and the progress of the Icelandic Ponies shares so much with us. Snowy skies and Shetland mud are a welcome counterpoint to our red Australian dust.

  17. Louise Stopford

    Absolutely exquisite photo’s. I can feel a sense of sadness in this post though. Not sure I fully understood your meaning here. I can’t work out why you can’t see yourself. Yes Life goes on and things do change, they have to. I can honestly say that your photo’s, those from the archives or more recent, are the most wonderful photo’s I have ever seen. Your skill and talent is amazing – you should be so proud.

  18. Trish

    Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures again … I remember them from when I started following your blog.
    Others might try to copy you but your pony pictures are so emotional ..they have touched me……I hope that you will be able to find yourself in them again.

    I am so sorry about Delia. x

  19. Margaret Robinson

    Your last sentence – baloney. Some people can’t even take pictures, some take pictures that are ho-hum and then there are talented people like you who seem to know the moment you should even take a pictures.

  20. Lizzy

    Take no notice of what anyone says, these are beautiful magical photos which capture the spirit of your wonderful ponies, thank you for sharing .


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