Pick your weather

The weather – it comes, it goes and some us are obssessed with it and that would be me, then.

Today was no exception.  There were good parts, which we immediately grabbed and did stuff like ride our horses and then the bad parts, in which we just rode out, got wet and wondered what we were doing outside freezing.

First I rode Haakon, who was a good boy.  He took me to the bottom of the canter track (a little over a mile away from home) in a variety of gaits which he chose.  While Taktur cantered up the track, Haakon stayed at the bottom, meditatively chewed a cauliflower stalk and waited for his friend to return.  It was a nice, if cold, ride.

Next up, after I changed into some warmer boots, I took out Klængur who was fabulous, fast-going but listening to his own voices.  Not a ride for the slow or the semi-retired.  Anyway I tell myself that riding a willing horse keeps me active and on Klængur, as Daisy reminds me, I have to actually ride and not just sit there.

Klængur enjoyed himself.  He is a funny little horse with many foibles – today he spooked at a bird and then something he imagined.  For the bird, I stayed on.  For the something imaginary, I told him to “get a grip” and his fear was not indulged.  I think he spooks to see if I am still there.

So that was my day.  Riding horses because tomorrow the weather is a-changing.

3 thoughts on “Pick your weather

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Well, your day seemed set. Thanks for the photos because per usual, they are great and truly show off where you live (the weather makes everything cold, but beautiful).

  2. Lisa

    I have a gelding who also spooks at nothing. I tell him to stop looking for trouble….! My “favorite” spook was when my mare spooked at the lawn chair….oh no….it was folded up….AND….placed on the front steps….aaaaah! Hysterical! I understand about riding around the winter weather. It is actually warm here today and I am about to dash outside and sneak in a short ride while the sun is shining!! : )

  3. Terri

    The “get a grip” comment to Klængur, too funny! Another “pro” to living in Shetland is the moody, wintry skies…wonderful shots.


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