A Dreich Day

Today has been a dreich day, totally uninspiring and I am typing this drinking a not-so-wee dram of Talisker happy in the knowledge I achieved the bare minimum today.

After walking Vitamin and her retinue over to the other side of their field (again – it is a daily task), I came home and, while still light, took these photos of my new she-shed, studio, shu-dio….. whatever.  The builder has been and gone so it is our turn now.  When I say “our”, I really mean OH’s who is very nifty at DIY.  I will watch enthusiastically.

There are a few things to do before my shudio habitable.

We have to insulate and line the walls and ceiling.

This is my wonderful view.

Oh yes, the electrics. It definitely needs electrics.  I nearly forgot them.

I am very pleased with this new little space.  It is my space.  No one else’s.

Obviously the first item to go in will be Her Maj’s second-best bed. That goes without saying.

Meanwhile I am deciding on the decor.  Chabby-chic or Medieval Renaissance?  Minimalist Japanese or all my much-loved stuff that has sat in boxes under the bed for many years?

There is much to think about and plan.  This is my Pinterest board of things I desire, can’t have but none-the-less want very much.  Exciting times ahead.

If anyone has a Louis XVI chaise longue going spare, give me a shout. I really fancy one or shelves.  I need shelves.

6 thoughts on “A Dreich Day

  1. Sam

    How exciting to have a shed to decorate! And some dreich days are needed to recharge one’s batteries after the daily battle of grazing horses.

  2. Terri

    Nice! Thanks for the Pinterest link. What fun it will be to personalize your very own space! Some days are meant for dreaming….
    PS Darling photo of Her Maj on the rug!

  3. Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth

    Oh dear, it’s a long way to your nearest Ikea! I think your shelves are going to have to be planks and brackets. But it’s a wonderful space, and it will be so lovely for you and Her Maj to spend time in there, either being creative or just being.


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