Pepper, No!

This is the face of someone who got told off for wanting to introduce herself to the ducklings.  And when I say “introduce”, it wasn’t in a nice way.  Think gastronomic and I found her in the new duckling run. We have no idea how she got in there.  Friends, not food!

So now we are all watching Pepper, and Monster who are thinking thoughts.

Here is Monster this morning, watching, always watching…..

And there is another Mother Duck (Penty’s mother) nesting in that small henhouse. I told Pepper to get off the roof.  Rude.

Luckily, I can see Mother Duckie (#1+3) from my desk window.  Here they are swimming in the newly acquired cat-litter tray. It is perfect and they adore it, hopping in and out.

And this is Ted who is behaving beautifully about the ducklings.

Pepper and Monster could take a leaf out of Ted’s book on duckling protocol.

But yet…..

Mother Duckie (#2+1) has an adorable duckling who says “me, me, me” all the time especially when I put food or water down. Gorgeous.

But meanwhile Pepper, who is now hopefully supervised 24/7, has her eye on everything.

I like to think that Mother Duckie (#1+3) would put up one helluva fight, though.  I hope we never have to find out.


3 thoughts on “Pepper, No!

  1. Sam

    Ah Pepper is merely doing what her genetic code demands of her. Now Ted is a lovely mannered gent with regards to the ducks. Monster? Well who knows what he is thinking….


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