Town v. Home

Floss and I finished our pony/duck/chicken/horse/dog chores and, as a reward, I drove Floss to town and we went on a shopping spree buying lovely things for Flossie (though I gave myself a new frying pan and two cat litter trays to use as duckling swimming-pools).

There was a cruise-ship in, so the town was fairly busy with folk wandering around aimlessly looking slightly bemused like they always do.

Lunch was sitting in the car on the pier eating the best fish and chips in the world, with a seagull standing on my nice clean bonnet.  I was not-so silently thinking “Don’t you dare!” – she didn’t. Phew!

The boats are coming from far and wide now.  Soon it will be time for the Tall Ships race too.  Lerwick is hosting this year.


We obviously bought lots of lovely things, including food, and then home back to our reality which, actually, I think I prefer.

Flossie kindly did some poo-picking while I sorted out the new swimming pools and had a cup of tea.  Ah, home. It’s the best.

2 thoughts on “Town v. Home

  1. Sharon

    I find I like being at home quite a lot. However, a trip to town with a daughter would be enough to roust me out! I love that you got yourself a new frying pan, but also got two cat litter boxes for the duckings. That’s the sort of thing I’d do too. I’m looking forward to picture of the ducklings swimming.


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