Out There

The rain, it has rained – quite a lot by the looks of things.

Everyone is doing well.  The grass bellies are going. It is a very slow process, though.

Unusual friendships are being forged.

The bigger ones are all being ridden regularly.

Little Albie is turning into bigger Albie.

We have dropped his afternoon feed but he still has milk and cereal in the morning.

He looks well on this.

Albie has developed into a sturdy independent Shetland pony.  Just what we wanted.  When he sees us, he just thinks food or love will come his way.  He relies on the rest of the herd to be his friends.

Tor is still very important in his life and come spring, we may wean him off her.   It is all in his head.  She doesn’t let him nurse.

This time last year, Delia was wearing a rug 24/7 but it has not been nearly as cold or rainy and she is maintaining her weight well.


Little Newt is putting on weight.

He has spread out a bit more.  His thick Shetland woolly foal coat is coping superbly with the rain. It just flattens down and he remains completely dry underneath.  Very efficient.  He has paint on his back from the auction (different colours indicate different destinations once sold).  This paint is solid and not budging.  I am not going to cut it out as that will interfere with the effectiveness of his winter coat.  It will brush out when his coat falls out in spring.

Newt likes carrots.  He is finding his place in the herd.

One of us. One of us!

5 thoughts on “Out There

  1. Terri

    “…milk and cereal in the morning…” hahaha! I was wondering about Newt — so happy he found a herd and a home. He looks so furry and huggable! It’s touching that Albie and Tor bonded in their own way — in addition to you, he needed an equine mama, milk or no milk.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Raining here in California too! Though, heaven forbid, anyone let their horses go with out a rain blanket! Most of us more normal types use a lined or unlined blanket at night. It can get surprisingly cold during the Autumn/Winter seasons (nothing like Scotland’s “cold” though).

    I love how these littler ones all look. It is so much fun to read about the Shetland Island Ponies.

    Happy Holidays – MMR

  3. Linda

    I love reading your updates. Glad to read that everyone is doing fine (yes, Albie IS getting bigger isn’t he!), and Newt has such good friends…heck, that paint adds a little color, right?


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