Out for a Drive

WARNING – photo overload!

An old friend, Bessie, phoned me this morning.  She offered herself and her car at my disposal to take me for a drive with my camera.  It is something I used to do regularly and miss.  So I scootered quickly out to her waiting car and off we set, with me yelling “STOP” every minute, or “REVERSE” when I had missed an opportunity.  We must have been out and about for a couple of hours.  Shetland in autumn is glorious.  The summer colours have changed everything quickly and I doubt my photos show the true visual treat we saw on our travels.


Bessie calls sheep “Woolly maggots”.  Shetland sheep are everywhere on the open scattald (hill, or common grazing).  This photo is to prove her maggoty theory.

L1030130 L1030135 L1030136 L1030138 L1030139 L1030141 L1030148

Then off to see my ponios.  It was the darling boys first and they were miles away in their enormous field so I shouted and they appeared!

L1030169 L1030170

Some faster than others – the galloping thud of hooves was wonderful.

L1030177 L1030211L1030181 L1030191 L1030194

They seem to be getting on fine even when there was jealousy over a stray brassica (where did that come from?)


Next, the ladies.  This is their field and it shows just how scattered about they are.


Zoot – “who me?”


Fivla was perfection, of course, ever the fairy-tale pony.

L1030225  L1030242

They all came rushing over when they saw us.

L1030249  L1030266 L1030273 L1030275  L1030286 L1030314L1030291

Bessie wanted to meet the ponies, while I sat in the car snapping.   She has known Fivla since a foal.


I love the faces of the ponies as they surveyed the mini version of BeAnne, called Mootie (Shetland dialect. adj  very small; often used for a child as a term of affection, peerie mootie ting.)


Zoot, of course, was happy to chat.  She loves people and her inquisitiveness for all things new never fades.


Mootie is enchanting, just very very small!

L1030306 L1030307

It was lovely to have a drive out and especially to see my ponies. They all look very well, fat and ready for winter.  I shan’t worry about them.


Lovely, lovely Shetland ponies.  I wish they could all live in my house!  Wouldn’t that be perfect?



3 thoughts on “Out for a Drive

  1. Deb Twomey

    Just too magnificent for words. Hopefully our trip will be scheduled for 2016. I so want one of your special creatures. I imagine the costs involved for purchase and travel will not be saved by 2016….but if you have a minute , dear Frances, could you give me a guess? On my private e-mail would be best. I have 2 precious 3 year olds, but they just don’t have the bone that yours do. They have the heads and the personality and are glorious…but light in the bone. Tell me your thoughts.
    Thanks and prayers for speedy recovery.


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