Taktur’s Training

Taktur started his training today after a long summer holiday.  He needed this time to grow up.

I have missed seeing the horses up close and this is about as near to them as I get every few days.  I find it very difficult at times and miss everything about them.


Bjørn fetched Taktur in (OH had kindly ushered them into the paddock nearby) and got him ready for training.


How many stallions would you hand to someone to hold who is sitting down with a leg in plaster and effectively useless?  Taktur stood there, ever the gentleman, and we passed the time of day.  I sneaked a good snog – that furry nosey smell and warm stallion breath.  It should be a prescribed medecine.


The light was going and my camera was running out of batteries (now on full charge for tomorrow) but I managed a few shots before it died.


I asked Bjørn if Taktur has still “got it” and apparently he has.  As young horses mature, you never can know just what they will grow into.  Upon advice, I would geld him.  I don’t like breeding from an average stallion.  He must have the wow factor and the temperament.  Time will tell.


Bjørn free-schooled Taktur for a short while just to see his movement and gaits.  All these things change and nothing is written in stone.  His trot is still lovely.  All good.

It is not just my opinion that decides Takur’s future.  We will see how his training goes and make decisions later. I do love him very much, though he sniffed BeAnne on the top of her head and she told him what she thought in no uncertain terms.

Taktur has grown and matured.  He still has some more to do.  Lovely broad shoulders!


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