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I drove into town today with my two daughters.  Town is Lerwick and 45 minutes away.  We try to go once a week and to get all our messages while we are there.  I left OH at home with the dogs.  He hoovered apparently.  I could tell this when I returned home as the house looked different!


The best bit about Lerwick is lunch – fish and chips and a good view.  I always want to find some seals to watch and they are usually sunbathing in their regular haunts.


And, yes, I always take my camera just in case.   All around Lerwick, there are good seal-watching car parks to eat lunch at. It should be a national sport, I think or mandatory if you have a stressful job to spend an hour watching seals while you eat chips in your car.


The seals don’t even care about the traffic.  They occasionally lift their heads up for a noisy bus but little phases them.


So we did our messages.  We belted round town trying to remember everything.   I find town fairly stressful and very exhausting. I am still not back to normal by any means.  Just being clean and tidy nearly finishes me off – like anyone notices or cares, though.

L1060337 L1060331 L1060336 L1060330

So back home. En route we stopped off at the vet for Jack’s happy pills (Fortekor) and I bought 3 bally balls with an irritating squeak for BeAnne.  She is very happy.  They are spread around the sitting room and she bounces about collecting them up, killing them and hiding them again for herself.  Hours of entertainment.  She is exhausted now.  Jack, who could in his youth de-squeak a toy in seconds, sadly doesn’t hear or see these bright yellow balls at all.

L1060375 L1060363 L1060358 L1060357

Tomorrow BeAnne and I go back to our walking 2 miles everyday to look at Foula.  It has to be the same route as it is nearly flat.  Hills make me trip.  We listen to Sherlock Holmes and it is very restful in its way.  Almost as good as the seals and the chips.

L1060290 L1060266L1060285 

(sorry it is such a boring post – run out of steam and got a headache from town)


5 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. Melissa

    What an amazing place you live in! You capture that sense of serenity very well… as well as the sense of BeAnne’s delight in life and pleasure from toys.

  2. Mandy

    Shopping is definitely NOT a leisure activity and should be speedily dealt with to leave time for important things like eating chips and watching seals!

  3. Rhonda Lane

    Boring?! No way! It’s true – getting ready (showered and dressed) is work if you’re not feeling well or just on the road to recovery after an illness or surgery. Please be kind to yourself. We’re so grateful for your blog posts. They make us smile.


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