Only Three Wheels

There is nothing worse than a tyre on a trailer that goes backwards fine but won’t go forwards.

We tried everything. OH hit it with a hammer, jacked up the horsebox, took the wheel off, more hitting with a hammer, greased bits, put the wheel back, and yay, it worked briefly forwards and then jammed again.  It does reverse ok, though.  Most odd.

Anywho, a mechanic friend is popping by tomorrow and we’ll see if he can hit the wheel more correctly with his hammer.  Failing that, to the garage with three wheels on my wagon.

After messing around for too long with the trailer, with wheel dragging I dumped it on the track, unhitched and took the water bottles over to the Ancients’ field.

Luckily, I also had three carrots on me.

I threw one to each horse.

And left the water containers by the gate

Pepper “helped”.

And I could see over the scattald (open hill) where I had just off-roaded, my little trailer sitting on the track waiting to be resuscitated.  I hope we can get it going again.  There is nothing more irritating than one wheel that only goes backwards. I may be listening to Three Wheels on my Wagon!

4 thoughts on “Only Three Wheels

  1. Judith

    Oh, blimey O’Reilly! There’s nothing for it, you’ll have to train the ponies to bring their own water!

  2. Nancy

    Reminded me car repairs in the past. A+ for a great effort on a tumultuous day with lots of wind. Thanks for the Ted pix, very chipper!


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