The Visiting Equine Vet

While we have a general veterinary practice on the islands, I was thrilled to hear that an equine vet from Ardene House Vet Practice was coming up to Shetland.  These are the folk who operated on Iacs’ penile squamous cell carcinomas last year, so I booked a visit.

Iacs started with a thorough examination and then light let-down sedation.

Pepper was official Moral Support Officer.

And Iacs “let down” allowing the vet to see what was going on.

She washed everything thoroughly and found, while there were no more obvious growths around inside, there was one small one on the tip.

For that quick operation, we had to evict the Moral Support Officer.


So, after some attention-seeking squeaking, she went to sit on the neatly folded up and catalogued rugs.

Iacs was such a good lad.  He was so bombed on drugs, he probably didn’t notice.

The tumour was removed for further analyses though we are all pretty sure what it is.  As we are having some fairly fierce rain showers, I put a rug on Iacs and put him outside to recover near his friends.

Iacs perked hugely when I gave him a bucket of grub while I was talking on the phone to his owner, Daisy telling her what happened.

Later, everyone went out into a field near the house, so I can keep an eye.  Haakon was very concerned about his friend, really making sure he was ok and he hasn’t left his side because that’s what BFF’s do.  They’ve been together for 25 years.

Iacs is lucky – Ardene Vets intend to visit once or maybe twice a year and we are now on their re-visit list every time they come up to Shetland.  I feel we have the best help we can and that is a huge relief for everyone.

12 thoughts on “The Visiting Equine Vet

  1. Celeste Nossiter

    Yay! I’m so glad you got Iacs expert help without having to ship him to the Mainland again. Hope that his health stays good and any future issues are small ones.

  2. MaryB

    I think you were all very brave . Glad he has a best friend for support and that you have expert veterinary care .Hope all goes well .

  3. Suzanne Kelly

    Thank you for this update I certainly hope Lacs will have no further difficulties. Wishing all of you well.

  4. Beth

    Wonderful that Ardene House are going to visit regularly – anything which saves that long boat journey has got to be a great thing for the horses.

  5. Judith

    How fortuitous that you could have a visit from this vet! Pepper and Haakon are obviously matron and head nurse at your hospital (as in The Railway Children). What a good team you all are!


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