One third of way home

I left Mum’s at about 09:30 and reached Tebay, my hotel for the night, in Cumbria by about 16:00.

Due to the adverse weather (rain, rain and more rain), I took it very slowly but Mum’s car went solidly and steadily along.  It is a fine car and I am very impressed.

I am currently drinking two mugs of tea, lying on my bed, while listening to David Attenborough on the tv. Dinner is booked for 6pm, breakfast for 8am and then I will wend my way up to Aberdeen to the boat.

I am very tired but relieved to have got here safely.

The view from my bedroom window.

Night, night xx

8 thoughts on “One third of way home

  1. Mary Worsfold

    I love Tebay Services! Great views, lovely food. I always stop there when heading north. I wish all service stations could be like Tebay, and its sister service station at Gloucester.

  2. Dee Savage

    Thank you for taking us along on your journeys. What a wonderful way to experience trips, lovely views of your mum’s garden and super cute Ted. Is there any part of the UK that is not beautiful or picturesque? Oh, to be in England. I actually get homesick for England. And Scotlan
    BTW, what happened to your own car? Did they ever diagnose the problem? Has it been abandoned totally?
    Thanks again for your wonderful posts and photos.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Hope you manage a good night’s sleep and that tomorrow’s journey is a bit easier. Love the double rainbow!

  4. Nancy

    Thanks for taking us along on your journey — second the driving in the rain concerns. Looking forward to your safe return.
    thanks for the wonderful pix and posts!

  5. diane in northern wis

    Hooray ….glad you made it this far, Frances. Get a good night’s sleep and push onward. Will send up prayers for your safe travels!

  6. Lucy MacArthur

    So glad your journey home is going well Frances. What are the rooms like at Tebay? I love it as a service station but have generally gone for cheaper options for the night.

    Your journey puts mine in August into perspective (solo driver, somerset to hebrides)!

    I didn’t have time to read your posts since the car had to go to the garage. Glad you got a reliable one for heading homewards.

    I bet all the animals will be excited to see you, maybe even Monster!?


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