One of Those Days

It was  “One of Those Days” today.

They say trouble comes in threes

  • I managed to leave my Bank card at home – you know when you see yourself putting your essential Bank card in your handbag but actually it just falls onto the sofa without you realising and you set off happy in the knowledge you have it (or not!)  I limped along all day with an old credit card.
  • I lost my Tesco clubcard – I saw it briefly at the chip shop as it dropped onto the floor, picked it up and then immediately vanished never to be seen again
  • I threw away fish and chip lunch leftovers (thinking they were just my empty paper wrapping) which Floss had saved to take home for the cat – I hate waste. There is always someone who will eat leftover food.

I spent the day perhaps not in the best of humours.

Town was not busy.

It was Wednesday, many shops don’t open and it is also half-day closing for some of the other’s.

One good thing, however, I ordered myself a new camera and it should arrive in a few days (hurry, hurry – fly on the gilded wings of unicorns!) I am very excited. I have spent many recent evenings researching, asking advice, writing out lists of pros and cons of each camera and eventually made my final decision today, having talked to a Shetlander who has this model. I even got to handle it and the minute I picked it up, I knew that this could be my kind of camera.

I shopped local. These days especially, I feel it is important.

A quick visit to see my woollies in their field.

The colour of the town…..

And the colour of the country….

Exciting times ahead with a new camera!!!!

8 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. Sam

    Oh, we have all had days like this. Makes one want to return to bed and pretend the day is over.
    But how exciting to be getting a new camera!

  2. Linda

    Oh Frances, I do things like this when I’m in a hurry – and it’s worse when I’m in a hurry for no reason. As my husband keeps telling me: SLOW DOWN.

  3. Annie vanderven

    Did you have Murphy’s law shadowing you

    loved the yarn shop and you are right to favor local shops unfortunately all the yarn shops here are gone have to order my wool on line as I knit scarves for the Salvation Army

      1. Judi Neil

        Exciting stuff. What did you buy Claire? Frances I changed kicking and screaming from the big Nikon to ‘handbag’ mirrorless Sony – arthritis won out, the dslr’s are just too heavy now. Best decision ever, wouldn’t go back. But hadn’t looked at the Ricoh – so just ran all the way to DP Review as in the old days. Is this it? Sounds wonderful, will be magic for Shetland scenery as well as the ponies and sheep close up. Looking forward.

  4. diane in northern wis

    So sorry to hear about your losing your cards and lunch yummies for the kitty…..sounds like you will love that new camera that’s coming!


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