Harry is not a fan of our Shetland weather.  He loves his little shed and possibly any shed he can hide from Maggie in, while she shouts her head off for him looking for him.

But he is a sheep and he has to live in a field, at least during the daytime.

So, my neighbour and friend, Monika, knowing that the weather is going to be nastier in the next few days, came round with a beautiful hand-knitted lopapeysa (an Icelandic wool sweater that are water-resistant) for Harry!

It is stunning and I will admit we both had our doubts as to whether it would fit or not – I thought it looked enormous, but once on, we both immediately could see that the sweater was a perfect fit and Harry looked wonderful.

Maggie was suspicious. She knew her little boy smelled all wrong.


Harry, on the other hoof, told his Mum that he loved his sweater and it was perfect for him!

While Maggie knew Harry was her’s, she wouldn’t let him drink, so we caught and held her while Harry had a proper drink.  Then I took off his coat, and wiped it all over Maggie so that it stopped smelling of new jersey and became something she was familiar with.

And that did the trick.

Harry has worn his wee gansey all day and he is very happy in it.  Being an only lamb he has no one to run about with and keeping warm. He tends to get cold, and hunchy, very quickly which is not good for him.

The call for tea-time!

I have been checking on Harry all day. He doesn’t notice his coat or mind it one bit.


And this is the final proof.  Harry is happy and Maggie is happy as well.  A huge thank you to Monika.  What a perfect present for Harry.

(The sweater is only for day-wear. At night, they both come in to the small paddock and Harry takes to his shed while Maggie starts shouting for her breakfast at about 3 a.m!)

11 thoughts on “Lamb-a-peysa

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    These photos are too beautiful for words!! Happy lamb, happy sheep. wow what a beautiful jumper.

  2. Sam

    Monika is a very talented knitter to have made this up so quickly. Love the blue against Harry’s black coat. Smart to rub Maggie’s smell all over it, can’t have the boy smelling like some other sheep! Little Miss Maine Coon started singing the “Song of the Hungry People” at 4:30am today.

  3. Barbara M. In NH

    That is the cutest thing I’ve seen since your darling Shetland ponies in Shetland sweaters. I think my Angus (part Shi-tzu, part Poodle: hence a shit-Pooh). Needs one just like it for next winter. Hopefully, spring in New Hampshire will be warm enough he won’t need it, but he was clipped last week in order to keep him tick-free, and he looks a little chilly.

    Love your blog and all the photos.

  4. diane in northern wis

    Love all your pictures of Harry in his beautiful new blue sweater! Glad that Maggie is getting used to it too. It should certainly help keep him warm on your coldest days. What a wonderful gift.

  5. Christine

    What a lovely gift. Harry looks very fetching in that shade of blue. Perhaps you now own a sheep fashion influencer!


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