One of the Family

I had a wander round the field this afternoon with my camera.  Everyone was milling up in the top field ever hopeful the food fairy would pop by (I had popped by earlier, before my flute lesson, with buckets of stuff according to the size of the waistline).

I didn’t know Iacs could wink!  (**** busily fills in form for Iacs Has Talent! ****)


Everyone was on good form.  We have had some hellish storms recently but, mercifully, we have come through so far unscathed.

BN2A7310  BN2A7337

The two remaining Minions (the other two are Hjalti’s designated entertainment committee), are like little boys arguing in the school corridor during break time.

BN2A7323   BN2A7365

I let the Boysenberries out into the big field as they had been cooped up in the old veg garden for ages, according to Lambie who has never shut up!


They seem to have bonded into a happy(ish) little family, though Lambert is prone to bullying.  Lambster is a devoted disciple of Lambie.  He follows him everywhere and looks to him for guidance.


Lambster met Storm and all went well.  The Minions (Shetland ponies) do chase the Boysenberries (sheep) a bit but they will soon settle down again.  Everyone hates change or new additions.


Storm is looking fabulous these days.  If the weather is really bad, he wears his rug and he is managing to keep the weight on much better this year.


Can one become a sheep-bore?  Apparently I can!  Do I care?  Nope!


10 thoughts on “One of the Family

  1. Joanie

    Wonderful pictures! I am totally smitten with the new boysenberry! And everyone looks so healthy!
    Love the picture of Storm and Tiddles face-to-face.

  2. Wendy from NY

    Love the new face, looks like he is smiling! Will Lambsters’ horns become a problem? They look like they are going to grow into his head…

  3. Darby

    happy everyone got through the bad weather . Storm indeed looks wonderful, and I love the photo of him and new little Lambster. he is a real cutie!

  4. Cassie

    Please add some Lambster (and all the Boysenberries) to your product page. I fancy me a mug with his little snorts of steam rising from his nose as the steam rises from my coffee!

    I’m so in love with him (embarrassed).

  5. jane

    I’ve been following your blogs on the Horsebreedersforum and in many ways I’m sorry it’s reached the end of its shelf life. However I’ll continue to follow on your website .

  6. Sam

    Cassie is right, we need the Bosenberries on a mug. And no, one can not get sheep-bored. Lovely boys have lovely faces. Glad to see Storm playing and keeping his weight on!


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