One Mineral Lick

Most mornings in Shetland at the moment are pretty spectacular.  This is today’s offering.  Not bad.

A courier had arrived with some cut-price wormers (on the to-do list) plus a field mineral lick which I had bought for the girls.

As they are hopefully pregnant (Brá and Hetja) and/or growing (Lilja), I thought it was a good idea if they had a lick that was not chock-full of molasses but would be something they could munch on if they wanted to.

It was nice to see that Lilja is now allowed to be her mother’s daughter and not the social outcast she was when she first arrived.

The ladies were all very polite and took it in turns or at least Hetja generously let the others have a shot at the lick too.

After checking everyone was ok and no fights were breaking out, I climbed over my fence and walked down to another field to see the Minions.

I put my coat down on the damp ground and sat on it whereupon I was instantly surrounded.

I haven’t see my little ones for ages and I have missed them hugely.

I would like to secretly think they missed me too.

Or at least my coat, which is perhaps now not as lovely as it once was.

5 thoughts on “One Mineral Lick

  1. Sam

    Not having a horse, here’s a silly question – what is a mineral lick and how does it help?
    So good to see being mauled with love from the Minions!

    1. Frances Post author

      If they are lacking any minerals in their diet, it is a good idea especially for pregnant mares, to have a lick. A bit like a multivitamin for hoomans

  2. Louise Stopford

    So glad the girls are all getting along now together. I was wondering what you were thinking about “doing” (sorry couldn’t think of a better word) with Llilya and Drekki? At what age do you start to train them as riding horses and do you do this yourself? I remember you saying that Drekki might make a good horse for you – do you still have that plan?

    1. Frances Post author

      We start to train them, ie backed, at about 4 or 5 depending on their brains and strength. They are backed and then turned away for months and then backed again.

      At the moment, all I ask of Dreki and Lilja is that they will wear a headcollar, pick up their feet, walk nicely alongside and have manners. Going into the van is also helpful. Hjalti, who is one year older, is also learning this plus going out for walks and general getting used to stuff. Nothing mind blowing.

      Dreki’s future – well……. in my dreams he would be my horse but he does trot far too much. We will see when he is backed if we can convince him never to trot. If he is happy with that then he has a future with me. I like his brain and his attitude but the trotting is a no-no for my back and if he is like his dad, he will have a big trot! Boing, boing, boing. xx

  3. Louise Stopford

    Thanks very much Frances for your reply to my queries regarding Dreki and Lilja. It will be lovely to follow their progress – they are both so beautiful.


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