On the boat

My daughters and I spent the morning packing. They were also cleaning their tack too, in readiness for Saturday and Sunday training and show for Icelandic horses in Scotland.

Daisy is taking Taktur who has strict instructions to be a Handsome Prince and not a tit.

Flossie is taking Klængur.

Anyway, someone is not happy we are not going but it is only for three nights so hopefully she, and everyone else, will survive.

As as I type, we are on the boat coming into Kirkwall, Orkney.  Daisy and Floss will go down shortly to check their horses, give them more hay and water if they need it.

It was a tad bouncy on the way down but settled after a while. We all took to our beds after supper and I have been sleeping which is the best way to ignore the movement.

The boat gets in a 07:00 and we will drive straight off and to the venue where the horse will be stabled and can rest until they are needed.

Well, that is the plan, anyway.  Night, night xx

5 thoughts on “On the boat

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Good luck to all and no sea sickness for anyone! Back with ribbons, please or at least the feeling that everything was done to have a good ride (sometimes ribbons can be overrated).

    I assuming that in October it may be a “bit bumpy” too. Thank goodness for Dramamine.


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