The weather has turned and it is now miserable, grey and cold.

We are on the boat tomorrow with the horses for a training weekend in Aberdeen so today I went off on a long trek to find some diesel for the van.

When I came back I found all the hens and sheep together, in a heap.

A certain two little sheeple have been grounded for leaving Lambie by himself all night (and it is not the first time).

Lambie spent yesterday afternoon and, I expect, most of last night on his lonesome ownsome.

Every morning all the boys go out onto the hill to join the hill sheep.  They enjoy seeing the others and every afternoon they come home.  But last night ‘Bert and ‘Ster did not return when they were called. Of course, Lambie did because he stays near the house in case Muzzah calls (more like the biscuit tin calls).  Lambie always runs home but the other two were further away and had not appeared by the time it was dark.  I left a little gate open and yes, they were all together this morning.

I don’t like Lambie being by himself.  He gets very depressed and makes friends with the chilckens.  I went out twice in the evening to call the other missing reprobates home and Lambie came galloping round from the back of the shed where he had been eating shouting his head off at me followed by his flock of hens.

The only good side of this is that Lambie had the entire contents of the biscuit tin to himself because there was no one to share it with.  His consolation prize.

And, yes, they know they are grounded. I told them.

5 thoughts on “Grounded

  1. Sam

    Teenagers flaunt the curfew no matter the species. Lambie will have “deal” with the biscuit tin all by his lonesome with only the hens for company. The other two need a stern talking to as they seem to not understand the life of luxury you are offering.

  2. diane in northern wisconsin

    Love your lambie, Frances…..he’s such a good one. I’m sorry to hear that he was left all alone….but at least he has the chickens around and I guess the other eventually wandered back. He’s such a sweet sheep… nice that he loves you so much. Give him a hug for me, wouldya?

  3. Louise Stopford

    They must have got carried away with their Hillside friends. Do they often not come home and do you worry that they will get mixed up with other flocks and perhaps “claimed” by a farmer? Good loyal Lambie, he knows where his home is and “his” biscuit tin. Chickens make very good friends when you have been abandoned by your brothers.


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