Sunburnt Noseys

While Floss and I were stripping the winter coats of the Minions yesterday, I noticed that both Tiddles and Storm had sunburnt noses.

Not a good look and, as someone who also gets burnt just by looking at the sun, I can completely appreciate how utterly miserable it feels too – crunchy, itchy, hot and painful.

So today Floss and I came armed with Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream – my go-to over-the-counter healing unguent (that and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream).

Floss put a headcollar on Tiddles and I slathered the Sudocrem all over his poor sore nosey.

He took it like a man.  Tiddles is always a good boy.s

Then it was Storm’s turn.

His poor little pink nosey had also started to burn in the rare Shetland sunshine.

There were those of course who pointed and laughed!

Poor Storm was not impressed.

There were also the same “those” who insisted on wearing Sudocrem too even though they didn’t need it but wanted to feel involved.

Floss dished out some Carrots of Appeasement.

Carrots are always popular with everyone.

I have now ordered from the vet proper sun-block cream for horses (and cats) as I think we are going to need to use it this summer but, for now, the Sudocrem nosey treatment will have to do.

I don’t think anyone was particularly put out by having a white nose.  They went back to their life of eating and enjoying life.

7 thoughts on “Sunburnt Noseys

  1. Sam

    Nothing worse than the first sunburn of the year. But all the Minions are gleaming in the sun!
    Good luck if you think Monster will wear sunscreen.

    1. Carol Wood

      Sudacrem is as good as anything for sun burnt noses!! I use it all the time on the white nosed ponies when they start to look pinkish and it never disappoints!!

  2. Nicki

    We’ve used sudacream as a sun block for years, it’s always done the trick luckily. Good luck applying cream to Monster “please video it so we can share the experience” . Glad ponies noseys are being look after, ready for more nose kisses.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Great pictures Frances! Ouch those noses do look sore. You always come to the rescue! Thanks to Floss for all her help too. They look much better with the white noses! Good job!

  4. Linda

    I bet the cream felt so good, the they just didn’t mind you and Flossie putting it on. And I can’t wait to see you trying to put it on Monster… 😉


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