Oldies but still Goldies

Iacs and Haakon may be old but they are both pure gold.


Iacs is 21 years old (and a strawberry roan, according to WorldFengur -pahaha!)  He has a BLUP of 81 (almost the lowest).


Having said that, a high BLUP is not everything.  Iacs is Daisy’s first horse and if you told her she could only have one horse in her life, then Iacs would be the one, without hesitation.  Kappi and Taktur are much loved, but they will never be Iacs.  Daisy has ridden him for the majority of her riding life.


They trust each other 100%.


And then there is Iacs’ cousin – they share the same Grand Dam and Grand Sire.  I think that makes them cousins, or 1st cousins.  Could someone tell me please.Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 17.12.11

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 17.14.32

Haakon is my horse.  He is 22 years old and still going very well.  I think, and I could be wrong, that Haakon has the lowest BLUP in the UK – 80.


I don’t ride very often and I am well aware that I look big on him but Haakon is fine with this. Haakon and I muddle along happily like an old married couple.  I backed him when he was 3 years old so that is 19 years together.  Soon it will be our Silver anniversary!


Haakon remains the same as he ever was.

Still not trot.  Not never.  He just doesn’t and I am very happy with that.


But he has his fun tölt that will never set the world on fire but is comfortable and very reliable.


I love his working outline and I am very proud of my golden dun boy (as described by WorldFengur).  He is pure gold to me.  Once Haakon decides he doesn’t want to be ridden, I doubt I will ride again.  I trust Haakon 100%.


NB: I must buy a nose-wheel for Iacs.  Do they sell them in Amazon?


7 thoughts on “Oldies but still Goldies

  1. Alison

    My best boy is also by Abel and he is still going strong at 27 so hopefully you’ll still have plenty of good years with him yet.

  2. shona

    lacs has the same father as my Icelandic Asathor fra Rickertson, very similar, low blub but big personality an absolute star anyone can ride clean gaits never be a winner in a competition but who cares.

  3. Darby

    I have a much beloved 28 year old Pony of the Americas. she has pretty much lost her sight due to cataracts but this has not slowed her down. she remains feisty even now. I have had her for 16 years. I am not sure i will continue to ride when she is gone, I am 75 now and keep thinking I will stop but what else is there to do? other than her eyes she is in good health. I hope we can both continue to plod on for years to come.

  4. Terri

    “Horses for Dummies” (that would be me): I had to look up BLUP, and I still don’t quite understand it.(possibly something to do with predicting the likelihood of passing down good genes?) So, if a horse has a low BLUP, does that mean that the owner should have him gelded (or not breed the mare)? Is there a special BLUP for personality, likeability, and rideability? In any case, you and Daisy wound up with two wonderful horses in Iacs and Haakon!


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