Being Minioned

So, in my life there is Storm.  I luffs him and his silly-billy grin.


Then Silver.  Despite his face, Silver tries to take life seriously.


Waffle doesn’t bother with serious.  Too mundane.


And last, but not least – Tiddles.  God help us all.


We need help.  All of us!

Apparently, under this mess of Minions is a Muzzah!


Delia is doing very well – she stays well out of everything, occasionally barging in just to check no one is getting treats she doesn’t know about!


Lyra has really come out of herself and realised that love comes to those that come and talk rather than run away.


It makes sense really!


5 thoughts on “Being Minioned

  1. Terri

    Is this really the same shy, withdrawn Tiddles who was so sad, neglected, and insecure when he came to you? I mean, REALLY? What a transformation! And the others look great too. They do luff their Muzzah!

  2. Carol

    That is such a magical pic of Storm! Of course all of your pictures are wonderful.

    My Little Minion arrived yesterday and it’s sooo wonderful? Is it Karen who made it? She is masterful in all the skills it takes to take foalio fur and turn it into an exquisite art object. I am so so happy with it! Thank you so much — C.


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