And So To Lerwick

I am on horse and pony duty at the moment though Daisy sweetly took of Haakon’s rainsheet because the sun shone – if briefly.

I did the rounds before driving into Lerwick and gave the lady-girls some hardfeed as a) we need to finish it before it goes fusty and b) they have just been through 48 hours of weather related hell.

Sóley the Foalie has very quickly learned you don’t hang about with food.  Her mother’s daughter.

And then the heavens opened and I wetly sat in the car and watched.

Next, the Minions – I threw them a bag of carrots which were gratefully received –  and then onto “The Big L” as we affectionately call it.

Sadly, Da Street looked empty.  Not good. No high street in Britain should look like this on a Saturday lunchtime.

I ate fish and chips sitting in my car and then a quick recce of the carpark showed many boats sheltering from the weather, which had calmed down by now.

Whilst getting my messages, I came upon a remarkable antique.

A Roller Organ.  A Chautauqua Roller Organ to be precise.

Oh, what can I say?  These past few days, I have been feeling down and also like giving up the blog what with everything going on around me (read Shetland mafia) but, after listening to the wonderful tunes, I left the shop with a huge smile.  Music therapy of the best kind.

(ok, it is in need of some tlc, but you can definitely hear the melody)





34 thoughts on “And So To Lerwick

  1. Claire

    Thank you for writing this blog. It makes me smile every day with fond memories of my ponies and sheep when I was growing up. Good thing I wasn’t with you when you found the organ—it would have left with me.

  2. Karen Branyan

    PleSe don’t give up the blog! I have a stressful job and I so look forward to coming home and reading about your adventures!!! And you are such a talented photographer. Always a treat

  3. Shelley

    Please, please don’t give up the blog! I know it is selfish of me, but honestly, it makes me smile (okay, usually guffaw) every day…

  4. Judith Garbutt

    I was just thinking, before I came to your page this evening, how grateful I am that you find time to produce these pages for us to enjoy, particularly when you have lots of jobs, some dire weather and imperfect health. I hope you don’t feel you need to give it up – if it gets too much would once a week be feasible? I’d hate to lose it altogether. I love my daily dose of Shetland and look forward to it . xx

  5. Joe Boyd

    I, too, look forward to your posts each day and I sincerely hope you can continue. I could not recognize the tune on the roller organ, perhaps because of my poor hearing. Can you give us the title? Thanks!

  6. Susan Doores

    There are people all over the world hoping that you will not give up
    on your precious blog. Precious to us all! We give thanks for you
    every day.

  7. Anita

    Nope, sorry, you are not allowed to give up the blog. We will all descend on Shetland and chain you to your typewriter, and only free you for photographing ponies and Monster and Her Mag. Possibly other interesting things. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you well fed, and ply you with drink…

  8. Kimberly Andrew

    I read your blog every day. Always something interesting and enjoyable. The 3rd photo of the boats looks like a jigsaw photo. 🙂 Take care of yourself, Frances.

  9. Jane

    Delurking to say how much I love, really, really love reading this blog every day. Your humour and compassion shine through in every post and I love living your wonderful (yet not sugar-coated) life vicariously each and every day. My own life would feel poorer if I couldn’t get my daily fix any more.
    Please take care of yourself xx

  10. Robyn

    Frances, I too do not want you to give up your blog which gives joy beyond measure. We all go through down times but eventually the sun shines again. I have recently lost my dear Mum and your blog is the highlight of my morning. It enables me to smile and often laugh out loud in the midst of sadness. Please press on dear friend as we all love you! You are such a treasure.xx

  11. Such Johnson

    Oh no! Shetland mafia? They object to your blog? To your fan club? I love the way you share your little corner of the world so freely with us. It has made me so fond of The Shetland Isles in a way I’d never have done otherwise. Would sorely miss your stories if you stopped. I know blogs are a lot of work, but I selfishly hope you never stop.

  12. Michelle

    You and your human and animal family have a world-wide following, and I’m sure I speak for each member of that following when I say that you enrich our lives; please don’t go!!!

  13. Chris

    Oh , how I would miss you if you went away, and The Minions, the Bozenberries, and the horses! Selfish, I know! Keep your chin up!

  14. Elva

    I would sure miss reading about your strange (only strange to me because of the lack of trees) but very beautiful land and assorted equines, sheep, dogs, and people, AND especially MONSTER!! I might be his biggest fan!

  15. Paddy Duncan

    Read the blog almost every day, Frances – don’t let the turkeys (whoever they are) get you down! WE appreciate you!!

  16. Sherry Walter

    Hailing from the middle of the USA (Wisconsin) I do hope you keep blogging. I’m blaming my gloominess on the impending winter – not my favorite season. I enjoy reading about your day to day and seeing such a very different landscape. It’s comforting to see horse lovers are pretty much the same wherever they are.

  17. diane in northern wis

    Oh Frances, I would be so sad if you give up your wonderful blog. It’s such a joy for me to come to it each evening and see the latest news and the latest pictures you have so graciously put on. I feel I have learned so much about where you live and all of your critters. I hope you will reconsider and stick around for a long time yet. Maybe you need to take weekends off or something? Hope you’ll hang in there. I would really miss your great blog. I will be gone for a bit now, as my cancer surgery is Monday, but I hope to be back here soon, God willing. Take good care Frances!

  18. Jennifer Chia

    Frances, I read your blog everyday and living in Singapore, to me your photos and narratives are a glimse of another wonderful part of our world. I know your mental health is important and you need to take care of yourself first and foremost. Afterall the animals ( and humans ) depend on your care and your love, not to say your wonderful sense of humour. All love to you whatever you decide.

  19. Mandy

    Absolutely agree you are not allowed to give up. I look forward to seeing your pictures. As for Lerwick do you still have flute lessons? I guess the tourists have gone now. Please keep smiling and writing and taking lots off f beautiful pictures

    1. Frances Post author

      Sadly the weekly torture of my flute teacher had to stop when he and his family left Shetland over a year back. I miss the lessons and the giggling more than I can say.

  20. Louise Stopford

    How else can I add to these comments?? I totally agree with everyone here and SO look forward to my daily catch-up with you in Shetland. I am fascinated with Shetland and really enjoy hearing about the Island’s history and fabulous photo’s of Lerwick. Your lifestyle also fascinates me and I just wonder at the beautiful place where you live and your wonderful animals. Your writing and your photo’s are spectacular. You obviously lift the spirits of so many people, especially mine. Hope everything is OK in your world and a big thank you for your remarkable blog.

  21. Margaret Robinson

    The organ is absolutely stunning – had no idea they even made something like that! Marvelous. Hope you’re time in Lerwick turned out fine. It’s not surprising that with the storm they’re weren’t any people around. That happens here too and it’s rather odd to see.

    Take care –

  22. Catherine GRAY

    I don’t get to read you every day, only every few days, to catch up. I escape from here and fly to you in my mind – please don’t go!

  23. Jo Parkes

    I Love your blog! Its the highlight of my lunchtime reading! (sat at my anonymous desk, alongside many other identical desks, lit by artificial light, with a view of the next door office building)
    Thankyou for showing me that there are other worlds.

  24. Sam

    I love this blog. It makes my day. But I can see that it can become a chore at times. Please don’t stop entirely. Think about maybe reducing the posts to an easier number, like 1 or 2 times if you need to. Or just post pictures. We do not mean to pressure you, but in this time of hate and nastiness, having a peaceful blog to wander thru and day dream of flying over from New England is a god send. (Oh crap, I put pressure on you).

  25. Dee

    I am sorry about the Mafia, but they have tiny unkind minds. Pay them no heed…you are a breath of fresh air. Loads of love…..


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