Off the Lunge

Efstur and Daisy’s training is going well.  We have gone down the bitless bridle route, for the time being, as Efstur fussed and was distracted with a bit in his mouth and it wasn’t working well for him.

Although apprehensive about starting Efstur bitless (new territory for us) we realise that if that is what he likes and goes well with, then let’s see.  Daisy did her research and bought one that “hugs the head” – a cross-under one.

So, we started on the lead-rein, with me walking alongside and have migrated now onto a lunge line.

Up until recently, Daisy has just kept Efstur in walk so he can get used to the aids as well as  weight distribution with a rider onboard.  He is actually very balanced and apart from always (absolutely always) looking back at Daisy’s feet – each one – when she mounts, he hasn’t really said anything.  He has a huge amount of wanting to do the right thing, which is always helpful.

Efstur’s trot is sometime tölt but he is going forwards and listening, so who cares.

And today was the first day Efstur and Daisy went solo around the edge of the school – so many firsts – the track in both directions (some days he is forgets how, no lead-rein, no lunge, bitless…)

Training is coming along well. We go slowly because that is what works best for Efstur.  His sunny sensitive nature doesn’t like rushing and in return he takes it all in, listens and learns.

These two are very good together.  I would watch this space.

4 thoughts on “Off the Lunge

  1. Margaret Robinson

    I’ve put a “hackamore” (Western term) on all the horses I’ve had and it’s a wonderful way to ride. Most horses respond quite well to this method/equipment. Good for Daisy and Efstur!

  2. Sherry Walter

    For what it’s worth, my 20 something mountain mare loves her Dr. Cook’s bitless bridle. No more worrying the bit or head tossing and she responds to it beautifully. Funniest thing is when I remove it she opens her mouth and acts like she’s releasing a bit. Makes me laugh.

  3. Dee

    What a good boy ! The second last photo is particularly nice ! Nice active hindquarters….
    (Psssttt….Daisy , don’t point schooling stick down shoulder….)


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