Peace and Quiet Shetland Style

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day. Today less so.  Still no lamb.

Edna came to sit beside me and chew her cud.  We had a long discussion about potential motherhood, ie not leaving me in the lurch, not walking into the burn with wee-lamb upon arrival (apparently lambing is thirsty work and the ewes do this afterwards, drowning offspring as they go) being nice once wee-lamb arrives and other general stuff.  Edna is a dear sweet girl – she really is and I am so pleased she is with us, even for her last years.

Madge looked on from a safe distance.  Probably wise but she edged nearer and sat down.

Everyone is much more relaxed about BeAnne too, which is good.  We have had words about being mean and not giving her a bunt at the front door.

After sitting together and having our good long chat about potential motherhood, I went to the burn to see if the marsh marigolds were flowering.

I am always pleased to see them. They are such a vibrant colour.

BeAnne had a little potter too. She has good days and bad. This was not a particularly good day for her. She was very tired and vacant.  Some days I really wonder if we are doing the right thing.

But she perked up after a nice roll in some duck poo.

And so I sat by the stream and filmed it. I hope you enjoy it. This is my favourite spot.  The place I go to in my dreams when I just want to relax.

6 thoughts on “Peace and Quiet Shetland Style

  1. Sam

    I do hope your chat with Edna got thru. As for BeAnne, the fact you are questioning choices means you are serious about giving her the best life ever. Clearly she is still enjoying pottering about, digging for bunnies, swimming and poo rolling. So keep on spoiling that wee girl and give her a big kiss from New England (bt don’t tell Little Miss Maine Coon I asked you to do that, she is not a dog fan.)

  2. Kerry

    I close my eyes,
    Drew back the curtain,
    To see for certain
    What I thought I knew
    its clear not any stream will do,
    It has to be a special Shetland stream.

    Well done with Edna, Madge and Be’Anne: you are making their lives content

    1. Frances Post author

      The hill behind us, Stourbrough Hill, feeds it with run off and smaller streams. We also have lots of natural springs. Never dries up.

  3. Linda

    Such beautiful scenes (here’s hoping all goes well w/Edna and her lamb).
    And I’m always so glad (and relieved) to see BeAnn; glad that duck poo brightened up her day!

    Oh, and thank you for the quiet moments beside the burn…


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