When Shetland is hit by fog, Shetland is hit by fog.  Serious fog.  None of yer “it may clear soon” fog, but a real pea-souper.

I went down to the south end – Sumburgh – to collect a friend from the airport who is coming to stay for a week.  In my defence, on the westside, where I live, there was no fog – that arrived later.

As I was early, I decided to pop up to Sumburgh lighthouse to see if I could see a puffin or two.

So, you know, and I won’t keep you in suspense…..

…. I briefly saw a puffin land and then scuttle into his nest. I didn’t have time to take a photo.

But, hey ho, the sea pinks were pretty.

I also saw a bird fly – back view!

It was very spooky up at Sumburgh.  The wind whistled and it sounded like the scary part of a computer game – you know, the bit where you creep about outside and something is hiding waiting to pounce on you!

There were birds.


But no puffins.


After my friend’s flight circled for 30 minutes overhead, it returned from whence it came – Edinburgh – so I drove back up to Sumburgh Head to see if the puffins had put in an appearance.  They tend to appear in the late afternoon.

Visibility was even worse.

And yup, I saw absolutely nuffin.

No puffin.

The wind circled around making low whistling noises.

It was even more spooky. I didn’t like it at all.

I went home.

(Tonight is Eurovision.  Tomorrow, OH goes to Sumburgh airport to collect friend.  Tomorrow, I may be nursing my annual Eurovision hangover!)

2 thoughts on “Nuffin!

  1. Linda

    It’s easy to say this from here, but I think the fog makes everything look so full of atmosphere…


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