How We are Getting Along

Little Precious and her mother have been returned to their breeder.  We have achieved what we set out to do – mother/daughter bonded, antibiotics given to mum while bebbie has mastered nursing and is growing well.  She has filled out and they love each other.  Perfect.

So there is no need for them to stay here.  I am sad to see them go but they both need equine company, not the canine version.

And please note, OH’s garden is still intact.  They never touched his tulips!

Meanwhile, the boy-herd is doing very well.  I had private reservations about putting them all together, but I was determined to make my life, this spring/summer, easier.  They can’t all just live in separate fields.  That is not right.

So, Taktur is living with 3 colts and 5 geldings and he is absolutely fine with them all.

Little Albie and, even littler, Newt are in their element.

Albie is probably the weakest link but he is doing well and plays the “I am a foal, don’t eat me” card, while Newt goes in for the kill!  They work as a team.

Newt is depute with his eyes on the prize and will soon be ruling The World.

He is Haakon’s No 2.

He enjoys telling everyone and sadly, they believe him!  So sweet.  Apparently he is 16h.  Who knew?

Taktur is ever hopeful the gate will open again.

So he can visit his beloved lady-girls.  Fat chance and over my dead body.

He likes to lean on the fence and I am liking to put an electric fence along it shortly if he continues with this thought.

That will learn him!

He has plenty of little admirers.  He doesn’t need the pregnant ladies.

Bewb Watch Update – both mares’ bewbs are now facing downwards and starting to fill up.

Exciting times ahead…….

4 thoughts on “How We are Getting Along

  1. Sam

    Happy to hear Miss Precious and her Mum are well enough to go home. And the OH’s tulips are intact.
    I do hope the Big Boys will not pick on Albie too much, but with Newt in the field, they may be kept too busy to do so. Waiting for Bewbs!

  2. Sumiko Keay

    Precious & her mama were lovely and ornamental in your garden, but I am glad that they are well enough to return hone.

    Fingers crossed that the boys continue to get along so well.


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