Nothing like a bracing walk

There is nothing like a bracing walk, with added windchill, to manhandle you out from the depths of despair at the lack of communication from the NHS.


(Update, the Pain Clinic have no record of my Spinal Consultant’s referral despite the letter having been written, signed and posted over a week ago.  My GP is aware of this and the word URGENT has been used to replace the word EMERGENCY to see if this makes the system work any faster.)

Anywho, feeling a bit meh about my situation, I went outside to my boys.


I carefully chose my lad for my trudge companion as it was very windy and I was feeling fragile both mentally and physically – good old Haakon who was happy to come out for a chat.


Today’s walk was bracing. I decided to look at the minutiæ of the hill.  I don’t know the names of what half the rocks, plants and lichens are but I see them everyday trapping the Shetland wool and I am fascinated by their patterns and colours.

IMG_7714 IMG_7718 IMG_7736 IMG_7742 IMG_7747 IMG_7733 IMG_7728 IMG_7725 IMG_7717 IMG_7744IMG_7750

Then there was man’s involvement, which you get used to seeing lying around but have no idea why or how it got there (yes, that is an insulated wire is sticking out of the ground doing nothing, hopefully!)

IMG_7719 IMG_7745

Listen to the attached film with the volume ON.  It is not camera shake, that is a steady 27mph buffeting northerly wind.


Windy Scattald

My companions are used to my stopping and starting to take photos.


We left our mark on the hill too.


The Shetland scattald, or open hill, is a special forgotten place when you actually look at it – most just drive or ride through it with their brain shut.


Fact:  We always go much faster on the way home!




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