Not Scared

I saw this large piece of something lying in the Minion’s field.  It had obviously been chewed (there were little bits of plastic lying around nearby) so I picked everything up and started dragging the plastic back to the road to put in my car to dispose of properly later.

En route through the field, I met a small but curious Newt.

He wanted to have a look.

When I turned back to continue my dragging, I saw everyone cantering excitedly towards me.

So I dropped the plastic and let them all have a poke about – get it out of their systems.

My reasoning was that it was good for potential riding horses to be afraid of nothing.

And also they could tell their friends too!

After a thorough investigation, no stone unturned, I picked up the plastic to drag it away. And still, I was followed.  Usually they give up by now.

Albie wanted the plastic.

And now I know who was ripping bits out of it previously!  Oh Albie *** sigh ***.

I lugged everything over the fence and went to kiss noseys and yes, Lilja and Sóley were still giving it their best.

Still, the nose kisseys were worth it. Mwah!

2 thoughts on “Not Scared

  1. Sam

    Glad they were curious and not scared. I do believe this whole field assumed there were yummy carrots in your pockets and thus were disappointed. Except for Albie who needed a new toy.


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