Brushing the Boys

“Pick me, pick me” said Efstur.

“Please, pick me. I want to do something.”, he continued.

“Ok”, said Daisy and she put a headcollar on her young horse and lead him into the school.

And so I caught young Dreki Dragon as well.

And followed Efstur and Daisy into the school.

It was Dreki’s forelock that was needing attention.

I gave him a jolly good brush, removing the nasty bits that I had noticed previously.

I could also see that Dreki has grown considerably.  My ugly duckling is now very tall and filled out.  He is probably taller than Taktur, his father and is possibly at least 18hh (ok, more like 14hh but I am useless at measuring horses by eye alone).

Efstur watched on.

Daisy was busy transforming her ugly duckling too.

When I took a step back from my work, I could see Dreki was perfect.

He has lovely eyes and now a brushed forelock, mane and tail.  So very very handsome.

Daisy did her best with Efstur.

It was nice to do a little work with the youngsters today.



2 thoughts on “Brushing the Boys

  1. Sam

    Nice to brush out boys that WANT to be brushed and have attention instead of Minions looking for the next snack. Very handsome dudes.


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